Helping Your SFI Business To Grow

Are you one of the select few who is actively trying to build an SFI business?

Acquiring affiliates who are active in the business is a bit like prospecting for gold. You have to extract tons of ore to get a few ounces of gold. Likewise, you have to sift through many inactive affiliates to find those select few who are willing to work hard and earn an income.

If you want to be successful at SFI you need to stay productive. Also, be sure to teach your downline to do the same.

  • Log on to SFI daily and complete your To-Do List for FREE VersaPoints
  • Enter the Daily Grand
  • Promote your gateways each day (traffic exchanges, ptc, classifieds, safelists, etc.)
  • Join Wave 3 and receive Free TCredits each month to use on TripleClicks.
  • If you own your own store or sell new products, become an ECA and list your products on TripleClicks
  • Do your launchpad quizzes for 15 VersaPoints each day.
  • Submit a stream post each day for your future affiliates to read.
  • Sign up for Triple Clicks and set up a standing order of 1500 VP or more.
  • Buy things you already use from your own Triple Clicks store. (like shampoo, bath wash, cleaning supplies, vitamins, etc… )
  • Try to learn something new every day about your business – surf through the mass of information available on the SFI website and forum
  • Try new ways of acquiring customers and affiliates
  • Keep your eyes open for new ways of earning as Gery introduces them.
  • Above all stay positive!

Most of all communicate with your sponsor/co-sponsor and let us know if you need help. That’s what we’re here for.

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